Fifteen Lies That 
Anxiety Tells
Join This Interactive Training Session With Jodi Aman & Learn How to Live Free...
...From fear!
...From your past problems!
...From anxiety and panic!
...From low self esteem!
...From not living the life you are meant to!

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Become an Anxiety-Free-You & finally find inner peace!

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Why do some people heal from their emotional past and others suffer for years?

How hard is it to release fear and anxiety and move on to a lighter, more joyful future?

Do you wonder…..Is happiness possible for you?

Here is what you will learn on the webinar...
  •  The hows and whys of anxiety's lies
  •  A simple daily practice to build an unwavering self-confidence
  •  The practical way to let go
  •  How to rise up and be your best self
Become Anxiety Free Today!
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